RYU developer diary — May 1st 2022

Hey RyuFam! It’s that time again. It’s time for another developer’s diary. Let’s cut the nonsense and get right to it!

Over the past two weeks, the Ryu community has expressed their frustrations with the amount of communication the team is providing. That is why we have devised a plan that will put your minds at ease.

What's the plan?

Firstly we have our % tracker. This tracker will provide up-to-date progress for the development team. The contents within will track the nRYU-gRYU staking developer, the new breeding development team and the website progress.

It looks a little bare right now but as soon as the new development team put fingers to keyboards, we will update this to also show their tasks. The website tasks will be following shortly.

Next up are the spaces, we are not doing enough of them! So moving forwards, we will be carrying out spaces every week/every two weeks. The first few will be Ryu focused but after that, we want to get other projects involved.

Third on our list are more regular updates so to accompany the % tracker we will be providing information on the following…

  • What did we work on this week?
  • What targets did we achieve?
  • What targets did we not manage to achieve?
  • What’s on our program for next week?

The final items on our list involve regular shilling and discord games (two great suggestions by our community to bring more eyes to the project and also have more discord activity to make the space more welcoming). We will be holding weekly shilling events where two people each week will have the opportunity to win avax. Discord games will be held every few days, simply for fun. Bare in mind that there is a ‘games champion’ discord role up for grabs. This can be taken every time that specific game is on so should be taken seriously.

Let’s move on to our nRYU-gRYU developer.

What has he been working on these past two weeks?

He's been extremely busy finishing the new staking method (multiplier). Implemented booster + a way to update both the booster & the multiplier for higher/lower gains. + overall clean-up + documenting code

What targets did we achieve? Multiplier implementation

What targets did we not manage to achieve? Soft lock refactor to adapt to the new multiplier earnings

What’s on our program for next week? refactor the soft lock & continue increasing test coverage

Below you will find some sneak peeks of the code that’s being worked on.

This function updates your position in gRYU staking. AKA updating timestampSince & amount after withdrawals.

This got refactored a little since the last time we shared it. It is basically what happens when you add your nRYU

Claimable View
This function calculates how much gRYU is waiting on you

New development team.

Last week we announced that there has been a change in breeding developers.

What happened?

The developer we had been in contact with, who helped us through the hack as well as worked closely with Miner to formulate the initial breeding design, has taken a step back and will no longer be creating our breeding contract. Instead, he will be evaluating all contracts going forwards as an extra safety measure.

What does this mean for the project?

This is in fact a great turn for the project. We are replacing this developer with a team. This team includes a CTO, a front end developer and a back end developer. This is clearly a more professional approach. With these extra hands, we are now able to carry out our breeding plan as per the original design. Potions! Yes, we are now bringing potions back to the table.

Unfortunately due to the new development team only agreeing to work with Ryu so recently, we have not yet got all the information that we would like. As soon as we receive more information we will announce it accordingly.

We apologise for the brief developer diary, as we are transitioning to a new development team, we will deliver the information you require as it comes.

Thank you again for your patience and we are really excited for the next few weeks with our new development team!!




This Medium is all about RYU! Follow us for the lasted dev diary’s and more.

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This Medium is all about RYU! Follow us for the lasted dev diary’s and more.

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